The Great Russian Dream

Piotor Svetolav

The camera slowly fades in as we find ourselves on the steps of a commerative monument to Vladamir Lenin, or at least what is left of it after it’s destruction two years ago somewhere in St Petersburg, Russia as a large hulking figure trying to hide his frame underneath a large trench-coat as he stares up at his hero

“Have you ever had a dream Sergei? Something you knew in your heart of hearts was an impossibility but it was something you could never let go of. This country used to have a dream like that, a dream called Leninism. The dream that Mother Russia would eventually become a stateless, classless, egalitarian society free from exploitation and alienation. Where every single man, woman and child were free to create their own destinies but that dream never came to be”

Piotor closes his eyes, brushing away dust from a brass sign still embedded in the stone, sighing deeply as he continues to speak

“January 21st, 1924. The day the man who was supposed to bring Mother Russia to heights it had never known before, the man who had saved Russia from a slow and painful death, died himself, murdered by cowards and fools who did not have a tenth of the humanity and pure heart that man had. The day Vladimir Ilyoch Ulynav died, was the day Mother Russia died too. We just didn’t know it yet”

Piotor rises to his feet, walking down the steps as he heads to the street below. Pulling the trenchcoat high, he tries to shy away from the crowds but a man of Piotor’s size and the glimpse of metal as he swings his arms draw major attention from the crowd, curiously enough, it’s all admiration

“Men like Stalin, men like Gorbochev, men like Putin used this country for their own egotistical needs, tearing away at the protection good men died to give her as they drained her of everything she had, leaving a bloody husk. The rest of the world didn’t understand what we were, feared what we could be while they languished in their own prejudices and backwards mentalities. We didn’t fear them, we feared our own countrymen, starving on the streets, barely making ends meet while men with power stuffed their faces with the spoils of the innocent. And you are just like them Sergei”

Piotor freezes for a moment before smiling as he lifts a small child up onto his shoulder, the crowd calling his name as they fawn over the Koloss, who despite his secretive nature, takes in the adulation from his people. 

“I don’t think you’re a traitor because you followed your general, I honestly could give a flying fuck whether you knew or not. No, you are a traitor because you abandoned her long ago and yet, you still speak her name like it is anything but vile poison coming from your voice.  According to this organisation, I’m the big bad wolf. I’m the man coming here specifically to end your life in the most horrific way possible yet to these people, I’m the hero. I have been fighting for her since I could walk, and every thing I have done, every unimaginable horror I have committed, was to breath life into her broken body”

Eventually the crowd disperse as they bid Piotor farewell, wishing him luck in his match in a few days, a few choice words for Sergei in the mix as Piotor waits for a moment for the crowd to disperse before heading down a dark alley as he tosses aside the trenchcoat, revealing a naked upper body as he pulls out a silenced pistol in one hand, slowly sneaking down the alley itself. 

“Her heart stopped beating decades ago but I have pounded my hands upon her chest so many times underneath the steel there is nothing but blood. I watched her die once, I watched egotistical, stone hearted men tear her apart, set fire to her soul until there was nothing but ash and I could only watch and do nothing. I will not fail her again”

At the very back of the alley, we see what looks like a deshevelled bum stumbling around, half drunk as we hear the soft sound of what seems like him relieving himself. As Piotor slowly walks down the alley, the bum stiffens up, as if he senses the Koloss moving towards him as he becomes stone cold sober, drawing out a large knife from his pants, whipping around as the pistol finds itself at the base of his jaw

“You seek nothing but fame, power and glory and you have been using the very little she has left to accomplish this, but no more. I will break you and then go on to destroy every other single traitor until I bring her back to life, or I die trying.”

The target’s eyes grow wide for a moment before a flash and a thud fills the air as the bum is dead before he hit the ground. Putting thick gloves on his hands, Piotor grips the knife, shoving it in thick into the hole the bullets left before placing the bum down back on the ground 

“DeathWish is your last stand Sergei, because your general, that was just business. But when I wrap my hands around your throat and choke the life of your worthless body, that Sokolov will be my ultimate pleasure”

Piotor pulls a small piece of paper from his pocket, lighting it on fire before tossing it into the alley as the camera fades to black