The Anthill Massacre

King Royal

“A commonwealth of ants, having, after a busy summer, provided everything for their wants in the winter, were about shutting themselves up for that dreary season, when a grasshopper in great distress, and in dread of perishing with cold and hunger, approached their avenues, and with great humility begged they would relieve his wants, and permit him to take shelter in any corner of their comfortable mansion.”

The sound of a lute is playing softly in the background.

“One of the ants asked him how he had disposed of his time in summer, that he had not taken pains and laid in a stock, as they had done.”

“Alas! my friends,” says he, “I passed away the time merrily and pleasantly, in drinking, singing, and dancing, and never once thought of winter.”

The music continues to play and jovial noise is heard in the background.

“If that be the case,” replied the ant, “all I have to say is this: that they who drink, sing, and dance in the summer, run a great risk of starving in the winter.”

“Being of a kind nature though the ants did invite the grasshopper into their domain. Feeling safe and with the numbers on their side they did not fear, nor see, what was about to unfold before them.”

We see a merry looking King Royal, he shares cheers with his kings-guard.

“The dreary winter was a long one but when it was over, only one living thing did emerge from the ant hill. The beady eyes off the grasshopper peaking over its opening and into the summer.”

“For his cunning plan to infiltrate had worked and he was now stronger than he had ever been before. In the first month or so he picked off single ants when nobody was looking, dwindling their numbers with each one. Their numbers plummeting he grew in confidence and would take out more and more, until they were all gone.”

With smiles plastered across all men’s faces. Arms draped over one another, they dance the night away, including the king.

“And he was free to merrily dance, sing and drink all summer again.”

“You’ve both invited your king into your domain, the squared circle. One guarantees, like the ants in the story it will very much be at your peril. Whilst you both show the unity, and the numbers. You’ve very much been respectful to one another whilst disrespecting the very man who should demand it.The unity and togetherness has provided a false sense of security…. And now here we are….”

Goblets get slammed down on tables and the ale inside them over-spills.

“All three hold gold, but only two shall remain to do so come the end of the night. For gold is the colour of the king. Whilst you two have been busy romancing one another, the king has had his sights firmly on The Sharkman’s gold. One wants it, one craves it, one desires it…. One always gets what one wants.”

“Your king has been merrily dancing, drinking and singing his way through the summer. You were both foolish enough to invite me into this match of yours. Whilst one holds gold with you, make no mistake, one does not like him. The King thanks you for inviting him into your domain, chances it to be a very full and prosperous occasion.”

But the lost liquor is of no worry to these merry men.

“It will be one’s eyes peering out over the anthill and it will be ones waist, not belly, that is full to the brim!”