‘Make A Wish’


The scene opens within the depths of a very well lit room, large room. The colors on the walls jump out at you with a sense of hope and ultimately, positivity.

But that’s not the case. A few beds here and there reveal children, sick children, dying children.

“They’re all decaying, they’ve all been struck by The Virus.”

A cough can be heard here, a sniffle from a running nose, the concern of a mother and the beep of a monitor.

Make-A-Wish Johnny!!

The voice of a nurse shoots through the panic and frustration.

“The sentiment, it reigns true. Make a wish because you don’t know if you’ll be present to do so tomorrow. A sorrowing man would feel in the darkest depths of his chest pity for these dying souls. But I’m hollow inside. To me, these attempted wishes, I’m indifferent. The lights may scream positivity when naturally they’re on the cusp of death.”

A young wrestler walks in with the flash and flair you’d expect. The shoulder length perfectly manicured hair, the suit, everything about this man speaks professional.

A good chunk of the kids stand and cheer before going to greet him. Billy Rodriguez!!!!! Screams of joy can be heard.

But there is still one boy.

“The job is simple. Give hope to those who have no where else to look for hope. Paraded in here like cattle from the herd, shaking hands, smiling, doing every bit of what their clean cut image portrays. I don’t pity their ignorance. I don’t bestow any sort of energy in their existence. But because they hop on their last leg we cater to their last requests.

The kids flock to Billy, the former World Heavyweight Champion of a local promotion. He’s well known in his own little world.

“The Virus deems fit that these dying kicks reach their ultimate demise because there is no wish worth my time. My lens is clear, I see the smoke and mirrors despite the wool being pulled over our eyes. Ultimately, bending over backwards to please is more important than helping them decay.”

Billy continues, signing autographs and giving high fives some of the kids.

“But what happens when the wish doesn’t come true?”

“Sometimes, oh sometimes we all meet our maker, our calling, we all answer to our Death Wish!!

The look on the face of The Virus finally lights up like the rest of the room. Looking around, he notices the kids going absolutely nuts for Billy Rodriguez except for one kid. He never came!!!

“Sometimes what we wish for is nothing more than a false prophecy headlined by false hope. The opportunity presents itself to obtain three wishes and I’m not even on my death bed. Make-A-Wish gives the chance for sick kids to breathe the air they wouldn’t get to normally breathe. The Death Wish match is looking to give the light to three men who don’t deserve their day in the light.

The Virus begins to approach closer to the group of children and the acclaimed Billy Rodriguez.

“See Jensen, Ethan, Solomon, our destiny has pitted us together with the same outlook but ultimately it was our greed that is what has proclaimed us. We all want what the other wants but not every one can get it. To some the wishes will be on a silver platter while the others will be beckoned to their death bed in a vast pool of nothingness. It soaks us, it becomes us. I will not allow my wish to go by the waste side and I will not allow the three of you to steal my dream.”

He taps Billy on the shoulder.

“You’ll have to pry it from my lifeless hands.”

Turning around, Billy is quite flabbergasted at the site before him. He recognizes the former OSW World Heavyweight Champion but obviously can not place him.

The Virus smiles, his eyes rolls back into his head and ooze drips from his mouth. The children cry in fear as Billy pushes him away. Before long Billy falls to the ground.

“Like these CHILDREN DAMNIT YOU DO NOT GET TO SUCCEED WHILE I FAIL. This is my wish and this is my time to leave it all behind. Death Wish is what you have and your wish will be nothing more than a dream that will never be fulfilled. You will be like these dying children, sad and lonely as you succumb to my Virus.”

A group of guards come in and usher The Virus out, trying not to touch him in the process.

“The wish before you is a farce. At Death Wish you will be the farce!! You don’t have to believe me, I’ll prove it…..

He laughs and yells.