Cain and Gable

Cael Gable

[We are in an empty church, it is dark and quiet, the lights are off and it seems like no one is there at all until we start hearing footsteps, the footsteps stop and a spotlight is shown on the pulpit, we see Cael has taken the stand, his voice breaks the silence]

“Cain and Abel”

[Behind him is a screen and an artist rendering of Cain and Abel fills the screen.]

“The first children born in this world, the first brothers, the first murderer.”

[A depiction of the murder shows Cain on top of Abel with stone in hand.]

“The murder is what is most remembered about these two, after all, it was the very first in Mankind’s entire existence but what is often forgotten about is the journey that led Cain to kill his own brother in an act that wasn’t performed before.”

[The screen starts to show video and instead of Cain and Abel, it shows Law saving Gable from Black Magic and their first handshake as a team.]

“Before that fateful day, they loved each other and worked hard for not only themselves but each other and their family. Cain as the older brother with more experience in the fields tended the crops and Abel with more athleticism and youth tended the livestock. They worked together using their skills to make the best for their family and to prepare to give to the lord.”

[The screen now shows SHOOT beating Black Magic for the number one contendership to the tag team titles.]

“One fateful day, they had to make a sacrifice. Abel sacrificed his greatest livestock to God and this pleased the lord. Cain being selfish and greedy only gave some of his crops to the lord and God was not happy and warned Cain of his sinful ways. God asked Cain to do what is right and he’ll be accepted but Cain didn’t blame himself for God’s anger, he blamed Abel and attacked him. He attacked with an intent to kill and Abel and their brotherhood was no more.”

[The screen shows Gable saving Law at Double Tap and then taking the piledriver for his trouble. It lingers on Gable’s busted face.]

“God punished Cain and would no longer speak with him; he banished him from the land and no longer allowed him to yield any crops. Cain tarnished the land with his brother’s blood and would no longer receive any rewards from it.”

[The screen shows Law’s string of losses following Double Tap. The screen turns off and the spotlight goes back on Cael, he is now looking directly at the camera intent on making sure one person hears him loud and clear.]

“Killing a brother, such an unnatural thing that nature itself can’t forgive you. Be glad that nature and society still have the ability to forgive you Sheriff because I do not. You did not kill me that fateful day at Double Tap but you did kill our brotherhood. I sacrificed everything for SHOOT and this is how you repay me?

[Cael lifts up his bangs to show his forehead. On it are some nasty scars from Double Tap that Sheriff made sure he gave.]

You should have killed me when you had the chance because any favor you had with the fans or me is gone! I persevered through the pain and have enjoyed the success true sacrifice can give.”

[The screen comes back on and shows Gable defeating Sharkman for a shot at the double feature title.]

“What about you though? What have you earned since you ended the team? I replaced our chance at a title with my own chance at the double feature championship. You squalor and fail against anyone you face in this ring. In our version of Cain and Abel, you will learn that I am not Abel. I am Gable and that G stands for God. You have bloodied me, you have beaten me, you have arrested me, and you have successfully killed the innocence in me.”

[The screen turns off again and the spotlight is back on Gable, his arms are spread wide open, head pointed at the sky, it looks like he is receiving God but he looks back at the camera rigidly and quickly, his eyes are ablaze.]

“At Death Wish, you receive your punishment for it. You have not done what is right and you have blamed me for your shortcomings. I gave you your first win in OSW and now I taketh away. After our match, I will have no business with you, you won’t be in OSW anymore, and you will certainly not be getting any rewards for your attempted murder. The sixth commandment is Thou Shalt Not Kill but remember God doesn’t have to follow his own commandments.

[The screen comes back on to show Cael’s match with Sheriff Law and the highlights of Cael’s victory, the last thing we see is the Pughplex as the screen fades to black and the lights are all off again.]