Captain Zappa

OSW Superstar

Wrestler Overview

Captain Zappa

The Chosen One

Fallon. Nevada



Wrestling Style


"See you where the ocean ends, and the desert begins..."



18 - 6 - 0

Former VHS Champion [Defeated Solomon Rhodes at GENESIS - 10-30-17]

2017 Ring King - Final Four

Special Moves

Intergalactic Inertia
Zappa flips the opponent onto his back, a'la fisherman carry, charges the turnbuckle, and slams his opponent back-first into it.

The MOAB [The "Mothership of all Backdrops"]
Zappa executes a typical backdrop, but suspends for a moment, then ends with a spinning crash to the mat.

Delilah Says Good Morning
The opponent is on their knees while Zappa launches himself off of the ropes. Once he reaches the opponent, he executes a flying/spinning back elbow to the opponent's dome.

The Laughing Hyperdrive
A piledriver - but reversed, and with a "jumping" start to it.

The Hiccup in the Matrix
Zappa grabs the opponent's arm, acts as if he is going to irish whip him into the ropes, only to slam the opponent's head under his arm and execute a snap, inverted DDT.

Black Clouds and Tinfoil Linings
While the opponent lays on their back, dazed at the corner, Zappa will execute a devastating belly flop from the middle turnbuckle/rope.

Common Moves

Zappa fights dirty. He's not super technical, and will take to the fight swinging for the fences. He doesn't pay attention to his disadvantages which, of course at times, can certainly put him on the receiving end of a beating. He does enjoy different variations of DDT, loves to launch himself off of the ropes, and never fears the option of going to the top rope. He is going to focus a lot of his attack on the opponent's head - so, he'll even go as far as trying to do unorthodox german suplexes that nearly force the opponent to land on their skull - as well as backdrops and traditional suplexes. He's too impatient for submission moves, and will never be seen trying to do one. His intentions are to do everything within his power to make his opponent see the insides of their eyelids.


A twisting moonsault, in which Zappa lands knees-first to his opponent's ribcage.