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    Isaac Danvers
    A modern day plague doctor.

    Bio: In the early 14th century, the bubonic plague created an economic disaster. Plague Doctors roamed from town to town, paid by the town itself to treat its sick and ailing. These masked men were rarely medical professionals and were often second-rate doctors otherwise unable to practice. Isaac Danvers, however, was neither. Under the guise of a Plague Doctor, Isaac was a sociopath with ideas of grandeur. He would trick patients into medical procedures they did not need, and would often lobotomise them with a large trephine. As mentally unstable as he was, he believed that all his patients were infected with various different plagues and that his treatments would take away their pain. Before lobotomies were popular, Isaac Danvers had perfected this private technique. He murdered hundreds of people over the course of his life, before meeting his gruesome demise. He now roams the world, a ghastly and terrifying figure. Unable to pass across from one world into the other, he believes that his work is yet to be completed.


    Standing, front:

    Double handed chokeslam
    Spinebuster (ala Farooq: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtskccoFtKg )
    Stiff Lariat (ala Stan Hansen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IFqxWKgy2s)
    Hip Toss
    Back Body Drop
    Gut Wrench Suplex
    Sidewalk Slam
    Belly to Belly suplex
    Big Boot
    Leg Trap Spinebuster
    Gorilla Press Slam
    Gorilla Press Drop

    Standing, back:

    Electric Chair Drop
    Full Nelson Slam
    Neck Breaker
    Pump Handle Overhead Suplex
    Release German Suplex
    Back Body Drop
    Sleeper/Rear Naked Choke

    Opponent down, facing up:

    Knee Drop
    Cross armbreaker
    Elbow Drop
    Wishbone & Stomp to the groin
    Stump Puller

    Opponent down, facing down:

    Camel Clutch
    Ankle Lock
    Single Leg Boston Crab
    Leg Drop (to the back of the head)
    Sleeper/Rear Naked Choke

    Opponent in corner, standing:


    Opponent in corner, sat:

    Foot to face
    Foot choke

    Finisher Name: The Cure

    Finisher Description: A vicious elbow to the side of the head. This can be hit from swinging, or standing, or leaping. It’s violent and will, if an opponent can bleed or doesn’t wear a mask, but them open.


    Special Moves Descriptions: The Black Death is a violent and illegal strangle.

    Lobotomy is where Isaac pushes his fingers into the temple of his opponent and squeezes.

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