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    Is this what we’re looking for?

    As handlers?

    As owners?

    Let me know.  Adjustments will be made.


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    Solomon Rhodes
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    Sorry it’s taken me a minute to get to this, my friend.

    First thing I’d note is that OSW no longer requires narrative description text. I think there’s a post within the OOC forum about. It’s a fairly recent thing. So all you’re required to post is the promo text itself, although you can certain keep going with how you want to do it.

    First thought in reading this promo are that I’m so glad you’re back. The voice of Feebz is very much a missed one within OSW, and her unique way of looking at things is one of the reasons I love to handle this character on the creative side.

    As far as feedback, I feel pretty confident in saying this promo was really good. I normally don’t like to lay too much praise in feedback, because let’s face it, you’re not here for that.

    Not knowing anything about the story you told, I actually was prepared to critique such a straight forward tale at first.  Then as I continued, I realized the twist in what the Oracle said really brought home everything you were going for.

    DTR follows an Oracle of sorts, and Feebz is the big bad empire about to lay waste to him.

    If I’m picking nits, you probably could have spelled out the “twist” on what the Oracle said. I don’t know you needed to, but I’m stretching here. I probably shouldn’t even be doing this feedback since I don’t have much to critique. You put out a stellar promo here, and I’m real excited to see what happens in the week to week.

    Hit me up in a couple weeks, and we can see how things go. A lot of times it’s easy to come out of the gate strong. It can be harder to sustain for week over week.

    Glad to have you back. OSW has missed Feebz.

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